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Joy is having a positive impact on patients' lives. Meet Dentist Shaila Garasia.

Shaila Garasia, DDS

“There is such great joy in having a positive impact on my patients’ lives.”

Shaila Garasia understands the value of improving and enhancing an individual’s self-worth through better dental care. “Teeth and how a patient looks are a critical component of how they see and value themselves. Keeping this primary objective in mind, drives what I do and how I treat my patients,” said Dr. Garasia.

Dr. Garasia has a passion and commitment to serve the underserved. In her 17 years as a Dentist, she has worked at several health centers treating patients from  diverse backgrounds. As a child in India, she was exposed to poverty and people with a lack of basic dental care. Those memories have shaped her outlook on life and have been a driving force in her career choice and work.

She graduated from Columbia University, School of Dental & Oral Surgery in New York City. In 2003 she earned a certificate in Non-Profit Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York.