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As an Internal Medicine Doctor and Pediatrician, Dr. Shelly enjoys helping babies, grandparents, and everyone in between stay healthy.

Dr Robert Shelly

Dr. Robert Shelly, Board Certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine since 1998. Sodus Community Health

Dr. Shelly has practiced at Sodus Community Health since 2010, providing medical care to families from infants to seniors. As a Pediatrician, he finds it fun and rewarding to share in the medical care of children as they grow and develop. Dr. Shelly also likes working with parents to help keep their children healthy and thriving, both physically and mentally.
As an Internal Medicine doctor, Dr. Shelly gets to know his patients first. “I feel privileged to hear my patients’ personal stories. I learn something from everyone, and the relationships that form over time often mean more than the medicines I prescribe or the tests I order.”

Listening to patients is the starting point for Dr. Shelly. “My patients’ hopes for their own health are the beginning. I want to know what they want to accomplish. Then we make a plan together based on the best medical science available and their own personal goals.”

Dr. Shelly is the third generation in his family to practice medicine in rural areas where doctors are in short supply. He says that “bringing quality healthcare to people who have difficulty finding a doctor is what gives meaning to my life.”

He is also proud of the Sodus Community Health team he works with. “They are community-oriented and committed to caring for people of all different cultures and backgrounds. I’m fortunate to work with this great team of people who share the goal of bringing affordable, quality care to everyone who lives in our region, particularly people of limited means.”

Dr. Shelly is a graduate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Before Finger Lakes Community Health, he was with Quincy Community Medical Center in Washington State where he held the position of Medical Director. He is Board Certified for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and speaks fluent Spanish.