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Telehealth OLD

ProviderPatient__270Virtual healthcare and distance learning services.

Take your healthcare organization farther.

Expanding your patient base through the use of technology…

Connecting rural patients to specialty care…

Reducing per-visit costs while improving quality of care…

And a convenient system for professional training …

These are just a few of the ways telemedicine is revolutionizing healthcare today.

Finger Lakes Community Health (FLCH) introduces Finger Lakes Telehealth Network (FLTN). A unique, “open access” network with state-of-the-art technology provides organizations with a telehealth infrastructure for collaborating on clinical and educational applications, across town or across the globe. With this innovative network, our partners can connect to telemedicine, distance learning and administrative telepresence applications without having to invest in infrastructure or development.
When you connect with our network, your healthcare organization
can enjoy a world of benefits, including:

  • Access to our staff, who have years of experience with this technology
  • Reduced travel time for patients and staff in outlying areas
  • “Face-time” with specialists, dentists, and other off-site providers
  • Access to specialty care from world-class hospitals and academic centers
  • Opportunities to employ virtual interpreters for bilingual patients
  • The ability to see patients earlier and faster to  improve outcomes
  • A convenient professional training  system for staff
  • Easier communication and care coordination for multi-location medical facilities
  • Less stress on your overall healthcare system, increasing performance and lowering costs.

To learn more, call the Finger Lakes Telehealth Network at 315.531.9102.

 A world of access.

What does the Finger Lakes Telehealth Network have to offer? Quite simply, a whole new world of opportunities to expand your medical facility and improve patient care.  Providers and patients can have a face-to-New Telehealth with Dr. Robface consultation with an off-site specialist in areas such as dermatology, dentistry, behavioral health, nutrition, pulmonology, ENT, and diabetic retinotherapy…to name a few.  Through the use of digital technology and medical cameras, off-site specialists can examine your patient and consult on their diagnosis and treatment.

Programs provided by the Finger Lakes Telehealth Network include:

      • Dental screenings and care
      • Age-appropriate dental exams and physicals for the community Head Start and migrant children and youth
      • Eye exams for vision, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy
      • Adolescent and adult behavioral health services
      • Occupational health consultations
      • Clinical mentoring and Continuing Medical Education (CME) and distance education
      • Culturally and linguistically appropriate distance-education programs

Innovation that heals…technology that teaches.

The Finger Lakes Telehealth Network is an innovative clinical tool for providers and patients. It also keeps your organization on the cutting edge of medicine and facilitates dialogue with multi-location medical facilities . A physician in New York State can attend an international conference in Zurich without leaving the country. Providers and staff can learn the latest medical techniques—right from their offices. Reviewing new research developments, case-conferencing, counseling, board training—the applications are virtually endless with our Telehealth Network. And, the cost savings to your organization are dramatic when you factor in the elimination of travel expenses and time savings.

Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

To become part of the Telehealth Network there are several options to suit your needs and budget. The programs include set-up, registration and technical support depending on your situation.

To learn more, call the Finger Lakes Telehealth Network at 315.531.9102.

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