Let’s talk about Women’s Health and Family Planning

It’s time to take care of yourself and here’s why.

Why are physicals an important part of women's health?

Physicals (yearly checkups) help your medical provider see how you are doing health-wise. You may learn about areas of your health that need attention so they do not become bigger issues later on, such as thyroid disease, obesity, or diabetes.

Will we talk about birth control during the physical?

Your medical provider may ask you about birth control because they not only prevent pregnancies, but also play a role in regulating your periods and chronic conditions like endometriosis.

What diseases affect women most?

Heart disease, breast cancer, and stroke are the top three answers and that’s why having a relationship with your medical provider is so important. Ideally, you see them at least once a year for your physical and if you have any health issues, that’s the person to call.

At Finger Lakes Community Health, we have providers that care for everyone, entire families in fact. We not only offer medical services, but we also have reproductive health, dental and behavioral health services. But it all starts with a primary care provider.

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