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Do you feel healthy but still want to be tested for COVID-19? Maybe you need to have a Coronavirus test to return to work. If so, we’ve got you covered!

We are now offering drive-through testing each Thursday at our health center in Geneva. You do not need to be a patient to get tested. If you have medical insurance, be sure to provide this information on the registration form. If you are uninsured or this service is not covered by your insurance, you will be billed $60.  You must register in advance by clicking on the link below.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Testing received at Geneva Community Health is currently being sponsored by their local health department. During this time, there is no cost for this test and results will be available within 24 hours.

WHO: People who DO NOT have any symptoms can be tested at this event. If you DO have symptoms or have been exposed to the virus, please call our health centers at (315) 781-8448 for further instructions. Please note: these tests do not fulfill the pre-op requirement if you’re undergoing a surgical procedure. Please contact your surgeon or provider for more information.

WHAT: These drive-through COVID-19 tests are available at our Geneva health center. You will remain in your car during the testing. This is a diagnostic swab test. It will not test for antibodies. 

WHEN: Every Thursday starting at 1 PM at Geneva Community Health.

WHERE: For directions to our health center, please click here. 

*Limited testing available so please register today! You do NOT have to be a patient of Finger Lakes Community Health to receive a test.

If you have questions please call (315) 781-8448.