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Complex dental challenges keep Dr. Lehfeldt motivated to treat patients.

Christopher Lehfeldt, DDS, Sodus Community Health 

Dr. Lehfeldt was born deaf and wore hearing aids before upgrading to a cochlear implant. He noticed early on that people would cover their mouths while speaking because they were self-conscious of their bad or missing teeth. That was an “aha moment” for him. He thought, “being a dentist is a perfect job for me, to create smiles with great teeth for everyone!”

After 34 years of practicing dentistry, he still thinks “variety is the spice of life.” His approach to dental care is based on his patients’ desires and needs. Together with them, they decide on a treatment plan that is manageable, reasonable, and affordable. “I like to have the patient decide their options, and to achieve optimal oral health that is maintained for a lifetime.”

When he’s away from the health center, he likes to camp, hike, and climb mountains. His love for the Adirondacks brings him to state campgrounds on summer weekends. He likes to travel to different places and soak up their history, cuisine, and culture.

Dr. Lehfeldt is also fluent in American Sign Language and is a lifetime member of the NYS Dental Association which is a component of the American Dental Association.