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Scaling peaks for his patients.

Christopher Lehfeldt, DDS

Here are a few goals crossed off Dr. Lehfeld’s bucket list: he has hiked all 46 of the highest peaks in New York and 115 of the highest in the northeastern United States. Confidence, experience, passion, and the determination to see something through: these same qualities that he uses in mountain climbing he brings to his dental practice at FLCH.

Dr. Lehfeldt has been a dentist for 25 years. As a hearing-impaired child, he noticed that people with bad or missing teeth were difficult to lipread. He realized that repairing people’s teeth would help boost their self-confidence and their ability to communicate—and a passion for dentistry was born.

“Death, taxes and toothaches know no schedule.” Dr. Lehfeldt says that every day in his practice is unique. “Every day is always different and comes with surprises. I marvel at the variety of dental conditions that I see before me.  At the end of each day, I know that I have done the best possible job and go home tired but satisfied.”

Dr. Lehfeldt is committed to the mission of FLCH. “I like public health dentistry–giving dental treatment to underserved populations and other people who would otherwise not be able to access or afford dental treatment.” He also enjoys working with the FLCH team. “We have a wonderful, diverse team of capable, motivated, and eager-beaver professionals.”  As a mountain climber, it might be said that Dr. Lehfeldt brings his “mountains to Mohammed” by providing mobile dental care to patients all over New York State. “We provide care in the unlikeliest of places: schools, migrant camps, dental sites in church basements, to name a few places we have been to over the years!”