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Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

We want to assure you that we are taking the precautions necessary to ensure both our patients and staff are safe. Please read below as our questions and answers are updated often.

Have a question? Here are some answers.

I feel sick, what should I do?
Call your health center, please do NOT come in unless instructed to do so. We will have clinical staff available to talk to you by phone.

Are you testing for COVID-19?
Yes, but patients do not need to enter the health center for a test. We are screening our patients with COVID-19 symptoms by phone and using virtual visits. If a test is needed, all of our health centers are set up for “drive-up” testing in our parking lots allowing them to socially distance themselves from other patients and staff. 

Can I be tested if I do NOT have symptoms?
Yes, you can be tested if you don’t have symptoms. If you are a Finger Lakes Community Health patient of record, please call your health center for an appointment to get tested. If you are not a patient of record, please contact your Primary Care Physician or local health department. If you are looking for testing because you are traveling or having surgery or a procedure, please make sure you know exactly what test is needed (PCR, antigen, etc.) and the timeline for your testing.

I have an upcoming medical appointment, not related to the Coronavirus. Should I come in?
Yes. If you have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 and are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (Reference CDC list here). If you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please call our office at (315) 781-8448, as virtual options are also available.

Can I make a dental appointment?
Yes, if you have a dental emergency. We are also seeing existing patients for routine services such as oral exams and dental cleanings. If you’re looking to become a patient of FLCH, give us a call at (315) 781-8448 and we can add you to our waiting list. Please note, this list is already quite long due to requests we received during the height of the COVID-pandemic when we were unable to see patients. We monitor and update this list daily.

How do I remain safe when going for a dental appointment?
All dental staff is wearing masks and having their temperature checked daily just like the medical staff and our patients. Patients will also be asked screening questions in advance. For dental services, appropriate PPE (such as masks, shields, gloves, and gowns) may be worn during a procedure or cleaning.

How do I remain safe when going to the health center? Are masks required?
Absolutely. All patients and staff are required to wear a mask and if you don’t have one, we’ll provide you with one. In addition, patients will be asked a series of screening questions such as travel history and symptoms. Their answers will determine our next steps. We will be separating sick patients with symptoms and placing them in a private room as quickly as possible.

Can I schedule a Telehealth or virtual visit instead of going to a health center?
Of course! You can be seen by a provider without going to the health center for certain medical conditions. Telehealth technology uses the power of the internet to deliver a medical consultation directly to you! You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to see and talk with your provider from the safety of your home. It can also be used for behavioral health visits with a therapist. To learn more about Telehealth, please watch this video:

What medical conditions can be evaluated by using virtual visits?
Many medical conditions can lend themselves to being evaluated by virtual visits but please call your provider to see if this type of appointment is right for you.

Are you seeing kids for well-child visits and school physicals?
Yes! It’s more important than ever that your kids receive their routine physicals and recommended vaccines. Call for an appointment at (315) 781-8448.

What can you do to help?
Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time, no need to arrive early. Come to your appointment alone, if possible. If you have a short wait time before your appointment, practice social distancing in the waiting area by maintaining a minimum of six feet between yourself and other people.

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Important information about Coronavirus.

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Can I communicate online instead of calling the health center?

Yes! If you have a Patient Portal account, this is an excellent time to use it by going to our website and clicking on Patient Portal at the top of the homepage. If you’d like to set up a Patient Portal account, email us at and you’ll be contacted by the clinical staff.

What are we doing at our health centers to protect our patients and staff?

We want to assure you that we are taking the precautions necessary to ensure both our patients and staff are safe. We are following OSHA guidelines for infection control including extensive cleaning procedures to protect all. After patients leave, we clean frequently touched surfaces using EPA registered disinfectants.

We are screening our patients asking them qualifying questions, and if they have symptoms, separating these patients and placing them in a private exam room as quickly possible. Afterward, we are disinfecting the exam rooms.

In addition, we are limiting the number of people in our waiting rooms to 20 and expediting rooming procedures so that patients are moved to patient care areas more quickly, as they come available.

Further protection is provided by using personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, gowns, and goggles when needed. And we are emphasizing hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

If anyone thinks they may have the Coronavirus, we ask that they NOT come into the health centers but instead, give us a call at (315) 781-8448.

Lastly, we are working with the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) so that we’re abreast of all developments and are ready to adjust as needed.


What other ways can I get medical care without coming into the health center?

Patient Portal – if you’re already signed up to use the Patient Portal, please do so. We have staff managing the site for any questions and will get back to you quickly during business hours. If you’d like to set up a Patient Portal account, email us at and you’ll be contacted by one of our staff members.

How can I maintain good oral health during this time?

COVID-19 can be spread through coughing and sneezing so this is an important topic. Keeping good oral health and practicing cough etiquette during this time can reduce the chance of the virus spreading. We recommend rinsing your mouth with 1% peroxide or Listerine for 30 seconds daily.


 I have questions regarding the Coronavirus, how can I get them answered?

You have several options and we’d recommend that you try one of these prior to coming to our health centers:

Call the Coronavirus Hotline. If you have questions about the virus that isn’t specific to your health situation, your first option is to call the Novel Coronavirus Hotline which is run by the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) 24/7 at 1-888-364-3065 or visit their website 

Call our health centers. You can also call our health centers at (315) 781-8448, however, you should be aware that wait times may be longer due to high call volume.

Patient Portal. You can ask questions, make appointments, or check lab results through the online Patient Portal. If you’re already signed up to use the Patient Portal, please use it by accessing it through our website. We have staff managing the site for questions and will get back to you quickly during business hours. If you’d like to set up a Patient Portal account, email us at and you’ll be contacted by one of our staff members.




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