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Behavioral Health Services at
Finger Lakes Community Health

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Feeling isolated, depressed, or anxious? Experiencing grief from a loss? These things can happen to anyone, at any time in life. We can help.

Comprehensive Services

Our mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral health counseling services are integrated into the primary care setting. Our services are private and confidential. If you or a loved one needs help for any other these services, we are here for you.

An Integrated Approach

Our Licensed Clinicians will communicate directly with your primary care provider and staff who already know you and your situation. They also have access to your electronic health records so that information is at our fingertips and prescription or treatment requests are expedited quickly. At a time when patients need it the most, they can feel comfortable and cared for in their own health center.

We also use Telehealth for services not provided on site.  This innovative technology enables long-distance video communication between patients and mental health counselors or psychiatrists. It can also be used for patients who need to have monthly therapy sessions or check-ins.  We also have Behavioral Health Care Managers (BHCM) who can screen for substance abuse and determine if patients are at risk for depression or domestic violence. Depending on the severity of the problem, patients may attend one-on-one counseling sessions and/or support groups, or be referred to an in-patient setting.

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