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Confidentiality and support for everyone

Reproductive health plays a key role in your overall health.

When you need help with sexual or reproductive issues, you want providers who are sensitive, caring, and non-judgmental. You also need accurate information to make the decisions that are right for you.

Comprehensive Services for Everyone

Our patients come to us for help with birth control, reproductive health, annual gynecologist exams, cancer screenings, and sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment. We focus on wellness, prevention, education, and counseling for parents and teens. We provide personal, confidential, and affordable services to everyone of all ages including LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. We will present you with options to help you make safe, healthy choices.

It’s important to note that these reproductive health services are not a prerequisite to the other healthcare services offered at Finger Lakes Community Health. In other words, all of our services are voluntary, including family planning and reproductive health.

Education and Communication are keys to Understanding Reproductive Health

At Finger Lakes Community Health, we believe that education is a major component of reproductive health. Our community education programs provide presentations to schools, health and human services agencies, and other groups. Topics include birth control methods, STIs, teen pregnancy prevention, healthy relationships, and youth education programs. Requests for programs can be made by contacting (315) 787-8132.


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Our medical services include:

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FLCH Reproductive Health is supported by the NYS Family Planning Program​. Donations are not a prerequisite to care.