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Meet Family Nurse Practitioner, Paige Stanley, Sodus Community Health

Paige Stanley, FNP, Sodus Community Health 

Paige Stanley is a Family Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about caring for others especially those that get overlooked. Finger Lakes Community Health provides her with a unique opportunity to reach many individuals who may not have access to care anywhere else.

She takes a holistic, compassionate approach to care that incorporates not just the physical needs of the patients, but also takes into account the patient as a whole.  “I may not know what patients are going through, but I hope they feel safe, heard, and without judgment. I am interested in providing care to patients and families across the lifespan with a focus on patient-centered care,” said Paige.

Paige Stanley worked as a Medical-Surgical nurse in a local community hospital for the past 8 years where she cared for many patients that reside within the rural communities of Wayne County. She has always wanted to become a nurse practitioner and pursued family health so that she can provide care across the lifespan.

She specifically chose Finger Lakes Community Health after spending two semesters with the organization as a student and saw how much of an impact the care they provide has on the patients they serve. “Working in a community health center gives me the ability to provide comprehensive healthcare in which patients can receive many services in one location,” said Paige.

She currently lives in the area and loves to spend time with friends and family, including her daughter and husband. She bakes, tends to her gardens, spends time outside and is currently renovating her 1880 style farmhouse and barn.