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Meet Teresa Miller, LPN, BSW, LMSW

Teresa Miller, LPN, BSW, LMSW

Following her passion goes beyond primary care to mental health.

After 15 years of working in healthcare, Teresa decided to change from nursing to social work. Last year she earned her Master’s in Social Work. She comes from a family of nurses and learned the importance of providing medical care. However, she soon learned that a big component of patient care could not be addressed as a nurse – mental health, housing, food insecurity, and discrimination. She wanted to help in these areas too.

In 2017 Teresa joined Finger Lakes Community Health (FLCH) as an LPN and then began her journey to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She chose FLCH because of its commitment to serving all populations – no matter their path in life. “Community health centers offer an unbiased, welcoming environment for individuals to be themselves,” says Teresa.

Teresa went on to say that “I see many patients who just want someone to talk to. I enjoy helping them feel heard and believe strongly in empowering individuals to find their voice, regain their power, and find the joy that many feel they have lost.”

When she’s not working, she spends time with her family. In fact, you can usually see her at a sporting event. She enjoys being a soccer/lacrosse mom/aunt. When not on the soccer or lacrosse fields, she is a homebody who loves to read, putter around her old farmhouse, and watch movies with her family.