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Helping Others Comes Naturally for this Family Nurse Practitioner. Meet Janine Brink in Geneva.


Janine Brink, FNP-BC

Simply put, Janine Brink chose a career in medicine because she enjoys helping people. From working 16 years in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, emergency medicine, she finds that it comes naturally to care for others. With a Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner, she can now also manage her patients’ care and educate them to make their own choices at Geneva Community Health.

Working for a community health center is very important to Janine, as she strongly believes that everyone deserves health care screening and prevention. “I feel that this organization’s mission and vision is how healthcare should be delivered no matter the age, income, race, or background of the patient,” she says. Born and raised in the Finger Lakes, Janine thinks it is a privilege to give back to her neighbors and to be a part of the Finger Lakes Community Health family of care. She strives to be open-minded and to provide care that she would want her family to have.

In her spare time Janine can be found with her son at concerts, on beach vacations, at races, and with family and friends.