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Two studies in success: University of Rochester Medical Center and Trillium Health.

Finger Lakes Community Health has partnered with two regional health systems to deliver telehealth services to patients in our community. The results speak for themselves.

TelePeds Neurology – Results with our partner UR Medicine Child Neurology

  • Decreased time to treatment (30 days vs 60 days)
  • No show rate 13%
  • 100% referred to additional BH services
  • 87% of patients showed improved function at home and at school
  • We have exceeded national averages on NCQA performance measures
  • High patient & provider satisfaction scores

TeleAC (HIV/AIDS Care) Results from 2013 to 2016

Indicator Goal Baseline (2013) 2016 Data
CD4 >500      50%          29%          57%
CD4 >200      85%          86%         95%
Negative Viral Load      50%          29%          76%
Hep C Testing      85%          57%          95%

TeleHCV (Hep C Care) Results with our partner Trillium Health

Data Point Measured National Statistics Sample

Local GI

Tele HC
Documented RNA Test      27% N/A 100%
Access to Hep C Specialist      59% 43 74%
Started Treatment      16% 25 57%
Completed Treatment (8-10 weeks)      NE 45 69%
Achieved SVR

(sustained virologic response – negative for Hep C)

     9% N/A 75%

Telemental — Adult LCSW & Psychiatry

  • 63% had a decrease in PHQ9 Scores
  • Mean time to consult = 19 days
  • Mean time to treatment = < 24 hours
  • 0% of patients referred to ED
  • 17% referred to higher level of care
  • Increased collaboration between providers
  • High patient satisfaction scores


Video Conferencing can save thousands of dollars a year.

If you have multiple sites or routinely consult with providers outside your area, you can meet with colleagues and share information via video conferencing. This eliminates 1-2 hours of travel time for providers—time that can be put back into patient care. For one meeting alone, FLCH saved $52,000 in travel expenses over a one year period (including travel time and mileage).

During the first six months of this year, FLCH saved approximately 1,050 hours in administrative travel time. Our monthly provider meetings are more cost- effective to conduct and more convenient for providers in the eight different communities that we serve.

Additional uses for video conferencing:

  • Clinical mentoring, Continuing Medical Education (CME), and distance education
  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate distance-education programs

Eliminating language barriers

Sometimes language barriers prevent patients from seeing their providers on a regular basis. Telehealth systems provide access to patient interpreters. For bilingual patients or non-native English speakers, this can mean a world of difference. We also know how hard it is to recruit bi-lingual providers. Now you can use interpreters to help.

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